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TMI Steel Supply: shafts, cylindrical tubes at trade lengths and fully treated

TMI Steel Supply: shafts, cylindrical tubes at trade lengths and fully treated

If you are active as a manufacturer in the energy sector, offshore industry, in ship building or the automotive industry, then you will find TMI Steel Supply a dependable (OEM) partner. Particularly where this concerns production of for example chrome plated and induction-hardened shafts, cylindrical tubes and other components.

Superior quality is our standard benchmark!

We produce and supply chrome plated shafts, pipes and cylindrical tubes, in accordance with EN standards. If required, we can integrate our client’s specific quality processes into our own internal organisation. We are proud to maintain the same high level of standards and objectives and the precise quality demand of our clients. We are able to deliver all documents requested by the IATF (International Automotive Task Force).

We can produce items both at trade lengths as well as cut to spec and completely treated. We can create one-off components, as well as small series or larger volumes. Clients can order up to 500,000 shafts per year.

TMI Steel Supply’s clients are involved in the following sectors:

  • Offshore (gas and oil) and energy sector
  • Ship building
  • Manufacturers of heavy goods vehicles
  • Automotive industry
  • Agriculture
  • Hydraulic engineering
  • Automated high volume production lines

Machining, cutting or treatment? We take care of it all!

TMI Steel Supply’s clients benefit from the facilities offered by the entire TMI organisation. Therefore if you require a range of processes in treatment or machining (from CNC milling to CNC turning and the full array of treatments and finishing) we can supply it all, either in house or in collaboration with our trusted partners. As a TMI Steel Supply client you can also take full advantage of our warehousing opportunities.

Are you looking for a (permanent) partner for shafts, tubes or other high quality products?