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TMI Machining: stock holding one-stop-shop for tailored machining and metal works

TMI Machining: stock holding one-stop-shop for tailored machining and metal works

You are looking for a dependable producer and supplier of one-off or series produced parts and components. You are searching for a company with experience in your sector, which demonstrates all the knowledge and opportunities and with the added ability to produce and supply your products at what for you is exactly the correct moment.
Perhaps also a company that can assist you in developing and designing your products, along with offering outstanding maintenance and surface treatments?

We are TMI Machining

And we are absolutely convinced that we can assist you with all of the above, whether you are a company manufacturing agricultural equipment or one producing pills. If you create manufacturing parts, cast parts or require composite components for moulds, digital chips or electrical equipment: we ensure that you obtain exactly what you need, with regard to development and planning, as well as with delivery.

We excel at CNC milling and CNC turning. But to be honest, there are plenty of other companies also offering a similar service. So why do our clients – all key players in their own sectors – turn and return to us?
  Because we offer the complete picture. TMI Machining is your one-stop-shop! If you would like to experience this, please contact us for more information.

CNC milling

Stainless steel, aluminium or other metals, and of course plastics: we can mill materials into whatever form you desire. Simple processing is performed on our reliable 3 axes milling machine. If 360 degree rotating is required for CNC milling we use our modern 5 axes machine, to eliminate entirely human error from the process. The machine can rotate to all directions, which removes the requirement to handle your parts when they need to be rotated.
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CNC turning

Specific bespoke work with openings, holes or other shapes? Whether it concerns manufacturing parts, cast parts or composite parts, the entire market agrees that OTR Techniek is the specialist in this field. Now that we are known as TMI Machining, we are of course still the premier address for specialists in larger and smaller turning projects.
We always welcome the opportunity to assist you in developing your product, from prototype to definitive design and all phases in between.
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Construction and sheet metal work

Cutting, squaring, bending and/or welding: we are of course well prepared and equipped for all your construction or sheet metal projects. We always think in tandem with you about the best options to guarantee an optimum result. We endeavour to ensure that as few welds as possible form part of your sheet metal works by analysing whether it is better perhaps to bend or square first. Both MIG welding and high quality TIG welding are available.
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Your working drawings or our 2D and 3D design?

A good outcome can only be guaranteed with both CNC milling and CNC turning if there is an existing quality CAD drawing to work from. If you have detailed drawings available, these can usually simply be read by our system. If you would rather have us create the drawings, this is also a problem free option. We always welcome the opportunity of detailing up your product in 2D or 3D using our latest hyper MILL CAD/CAM software.

Surface treatment

In collaboration with our partners we can offer you various surface treatments for your components. You can of course arrange this yourself, but at TMI Machining we can also take care of this for you. And all according to our highest quality standards; something you can certainly rely on.
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Product development

If you have evolving production processes or are considering a new production line, then you will inevitably come up against the question what this will mean for your current machine park. We welcome the prospect of perusing the possibilities with you, whether this concerns developing new machines, equipment, modules or components. From prototype to serial production, TMI Machining looks forward to collaborating with you.
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Measurement reports

Whether you are ‘obliged to’ because of ISO standards or simply because you want to or believe it is all just par for the course: we consider it good practice to produce internal detailed measurement reports regarding the dimensions and production conditions. If you require detailed data as proof for your clients or for your own admin, we will be happy to supply you with clearly set-out measurement reports that include the full requested information.


We can deliver your order immediately, from single one-off components to small numbers in serial production. If you wish to have your products available on call, then we can also take care of their storage for you.
For many of our clients we act as a stock-holding producer, which permits us to provide an all round improved service for your production processes.
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