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High, medium and low voltage

High, medium and low voltage

The TMI Group has been working with Galvano Hengelo for many years to process silver-plated aluminium and copper products. Both companies have the same location, and this is just one of the many advantages that this cooperation offers you as a customer or business partner.

All this is very important for professional production processes. You will not only benefit from the short communication lines that exist between the TMI Group and Galvano Hengelo, but also from the agreements we have with each other about production processes, quality improvement and rates.

We apply the same conditions to our production processes and we both work for instance with a quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001 guidelines.

Quality is our top priority!

Each its own corporate know-how

Galvano Hengelo specializes in galvanic silver plating, the TMI Group processes parts of silver plated aluminium or copper.

For the production for the high, medium and low voltage market, we have combined our strengths and expertise.

 Our years of cooperation have resulted in a sophisticated work process, where high quality is guaranteed.

Warehouse for smooth production

The TMI Group has its own large warehouse with an extensive stock of basic materials. As a result, a timely production process is always ensured at our company. Our well thought-out logistics work effectively and efficiently throughout the entire production process. Delivery according to agreement is not a question but a fact for us.

Metal processing down to the smallest detail

In our own automated sawmill we can produce for you around the clock, 7 days a week. Pre- and post-processing right down to the smallest detail is done with our CNC machine tools, which we also use to make surfaces silver-free.

Perfectly delivered products

We also focus on our quality during delivery. Our own Quality Engineer checks the products during the production process and eventually also checks the end products. Upon approval, we package the products very carefully, using special caps that protect the silver surfaces from damage.