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Developing products and modules

Developing products and modules

Are you considering a new production line? Or making changes to your production process? Are you still endeavouring to figure out what all this would mean for the metal or plastic components in your machines and other equipment? Let us think in tandem with you and assist you when developing new components or modules.


Product development in metal and plastics

We can develop and produce not only products in plastics, but also manufacturing and composite parts in all kinds of metal. Materials include:

  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminium
  • Steel
  • Copper
    * bronze copper alloy
    * brass copper alloy
  • Titanium

For example, we produce parts in plastics for conveyor belts, as well as for the medical and food sectors. Given the high demands regarding health and safety, clients in these sectors expect the very highest quality as standard.

Focus on quality, costs and efficiency

We regularly come across situations where there are various routes to solving a problem. We will hand you a consultancy report carefully setting out the various options. We look at the materials proposed, the processing required and the best way forward with regard to your product and component, as well as the most efficient manner from your point of view.

We will advise on where, from our perspective, the crossover point would fall with the best quality versus lowest costs question. The final decision will always lie with you of course.

Need a prototype? TMI can assist you

If you are seeking tailored advice regarding the first steps towards product development, then it is always a good idea to model a prototype during the design phase of any proposed series production. This permits us to acquire insight into the design of the manufacturing or composite parts, as well as providing an opportunity to align your plans and processes.
It also enables us to adjust accordingly before the final decisions are made and production commences.

Need assistance with product development?