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CNC Turning

Plastics and metal CNC turning

TMI Machining possesses various CNC turning machines. These can be used to turn manufacturing parts, cast parts or composite parts.
Our machine park is tooled to process and handle all metals. This includes the highly popular stainless steel and aluminium, as well as titanium, steel and various types of copper


Our machine park where everything turns on quality

Whether it concerns large scale works or smaller turning jobs: we always look forward to the opportunity of successfully completing it for you.

We can also process plastics on our CNC turning machines. For example if you are active in or supply the medical or food sectors, we are the ultimate address to turn to for all your CNC turning requirements. We can comfortably meet the extremely high quality demanded by these sectors. We are able to supply plastic parts composed in series or as manufacturing parts.




As mentioned above, the medical industry and the food sector demand extremely high quality. We guarantee the utmost quality of our products and, upon request, can deliver a comprehensive measurement report to complement any project.
This means you can be assured your client will accept the products you supply without reservation. Another facet of our service we would be delighted to handle for you.



We can supply your product powder coated, matt finished or nickel plated to meet all your requirements. TMI Machining is your one-stop-shop for a full array of treatments or finishes. We take full care of the process, tailored to your specific wishes.


TMI Machining possesses its own warehouse, where we store products for a range of clients. You can have your manufacturing parts delivered by us on demand. You specify the quantity and moment and we will ensure that your products are available. Our warehouse and stock management: a sophisticated and highly appreciated supplement to our quality services.