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Aluminium, stainless steel or plastics CNC milling

Aluminium, stainless steel or plastics CNC milling

We have various CNC milling machines available in our machine park. Three axes machines for the simpler jobs, backed up by state-of-the-art five axes CNC milling machines for the more complex assignments.
We can process all kinds of metal, such as the much-in-demand stainless steel or aluminium, as well as for example plastics used for castings. All our machining is digitally controlled.

Our machine park: cutting edge, prepared to meet any challenge

The volumes and dimensions of our production work are of course closely related to our machine park. Below you will find the dimensions our machines are able to handle and, as you will see, this ranges from very small to the impressively large.

Our CNC milling machines will machine stainless steel and aluminium, as well as steel, copper (also copper alloys such as bronze and brass) and titanium.

We can also process all manner of plastics, for the highly demanding medical industry and the food sector for example. This includes components for the supply of conveyor belts, whether composed or as manufacturing parts. Whether your products need grooves, islands, voids or intricate curves and angles: we can ensure that perfect end result.

Measurement reports

Clients in many of the sectors that use the high quality materials we produce often demand proof of dimensions and production conditions. We welcome the opportunity of generating these measurement reports for you.
That means security for you, safe in the knowledge you can provide your client with the appropriate data they demand: a small effort for us and an additional service to you.

Pre-treatment or finishing

We can assist you with your specific material pre-treatments and/or finishing. If you need CNC turning or specialist surface treatment, we are your reliable partner for the entire process whatever you specify.

Direct delivery or warehousing?

From single components and smaller volumes to production in series we can immediately deliver your finished products. However, if you prefer your product to be available on demand at all times, we can also hold your stock in our warehouse.
For many of our clients we act as their stockholding producer. We welcome the opportunity to assist you across every facet of the process. You can read more about our warehouse options and stock management here.

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